Tectonic Jade is a business run by Rex who is based in Hokitika, on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. It was created by Rex Scott in 1997 and continues to develop and change. Rex has chosen New Zealand nephrite jade (Pounamu) as his medium to work with, as he believes that it is more than a piece of stone or a just an external shape or piece of art. Jade is internal and it presents a truth for all to see. It is the by-product of the Earths great movement alleviating stress from the pressure deep within. Jade is the tears from the Earth.

In addition to jade Rex also chooses driftwood to compliment many of his pieces of art. The driftwood is from New Zealand’s indigenous rain forests, which due to natural causes such as old age, erosion or storm action have begun the long journey through the rivers and out to sea. Once a tree breaches the river mouth it will eventually wash ashore within hours or days. Most of the pieces used by Tectonic Jade have been drifting in sea currents for years slowly breaking down before being returned to the land by the awesome forces of storms.